Welcome to Scuba Tech of Key Largo!

With over 30 years of experience we offer quality scuba equipment repair and service. We're not only equipment techs we're also divers/scuba instructors and have logged thousands of dives anywhere from 30ft. to 300ft.

We understand your need to be worry-free of scuba equipment issues. Whether you have a free-flowing 2nd stage, a blown HP seat or hose, a leaking pressure gauge, or water in the 2nd stage - we know any of these issues can quickly escalate to frustration and ruin an expensive dive trip.

Your scuba equipment is a costly investment, from which you expect years of use. Regular service intervals are critical in extending the life of scuba equipment. We understand that and maintain reasonable pricing and turnaround time for all of our repairs. When servicing scuba equipment our mission is make it as good as new for a fair price! Don't settle for substandard repairs, get it done right with ScubaTech of Key Largo.

Latest News:

May 2017: Faber HP Hot Dip Galvanized tanks now available!

May 2017: We now offer metal detector services and are registered with "The Ring Finders" .

March 2016: As a result of repeated requests, starting this month we will be offering 2 different comprehensive Equipment Service Workshops: 1)Cylinder Service, 2) Regulator Service. Each Workshop will be1 full day of academics combined with hands-on experience and held here at our facility in Key Largo. View Workshop Curriculum & Itinerary. NEW CLASSES FORMING NOW!

February 2016: Double Hose Regulator Sales & Service AVAILABLE NOW! Please call us for details: 305.900.0855

April 2015: We are now a distributor for FABER Steel Cylinders. Various sizes IN STOCK now! Click here for additional information.

May 2014: We are pleased to announce we are now able to offer EAN (Nitrox) Fills up to 40% using the continuous gas blending method! Discounted pre-paid EAN and Air Fill Cards available.

Dont' live in the Key Largo area?

... not a problem! Many of our customers are from out of town. Just fill out this form and send it with your equipment We will gladly service/repair it and send it back to you. It's that simple!

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