Scuba Regulator Services

Regulators are our lifeline underwater; routine service will maintain your equipment in optimum performance. Whether you dive a couple times a year or year round, preventative maintenance will ensure the lifespan of your regulator. Annual inspections and or overhaul service is manufacture recommended for all brands and will ensure years of continual use of your regulator.


Regulator Parts
Annual Service is a full function diagnoses which will prevent unwanted issues prior to your dives. This inspection will detect any needed adjustments, leaks, worn hoses and unexpected malfunctions. The first stage interstage pressure will be measured, free flowing 2nd stages evaluated for minor adjustments, or possible first stage malfunction.

Overhaul Service

Overhaul Serviceis a complete rebuild of all stages with new manufacture parts performed according to specifications. The process begins with disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning, neutralizing bath, air pressure drying and re-assembly. Adjustments of inhalation and exhalation efforts along with interstage pressure settings are performed to manufacture specifications.

BCD Service

Power Inflator

B.C.D Service is just as important as any other equipment service. Power inflators are commonly overlooked which can results in an auto inflating BC. Power inflators can be serviced or economically replaced. RE valves (rapid exhaust valve) must also be check for proper operation.


Scuba Tank Services

Cylinder Inspections:

Visual PlusCylinders manufactured prior to 1990 and made from 6351-T6 aluminum alloy are known to developed fractures in the neck threads, referred to as SLC (sustained load cracks). Difficult to see with the naked eye, use of specially design equipment such as Visual Plus 3 (eddy current) and Optical Plus aid in early detection. A Federal Ruling adopted into the 49CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) part 180 has mandated an eddy current test along with the visual inspection and hydro test to be mandatory for these cylinders.

ScubaTech is a certified PSI/PCI (Professional Scuba Inspectors/Professional Cylinder Inspectors) Visual Cylinder Inspector, Eddy Current Technician and Oxygen Cleaning Cylinder Technician, we are familiar with adhere to the standards prescribed for cylinder inspection. ScubaTech utilizes state of the art instruments such as Visual Plus 3 and Optical Plus in cylinder inspections.

Optical Plus
Visual Plus 3
is a computerized eddy current instrument which can detect cracks, corrosion, gouges, pits and valleys within the neck threads of aluminum cylinders. An electromagnetic wave is introduced in the neck treads, any imperfections present will generate a spike on the computer read-out which alerts the technician to further investigate.

Optical Plus is an illuminated optical instrument with 4x magnification allowing 360-degree rotational view of the cylinder threads.

Cylinder Tumbling/ O2 Cleaning

Tank Tubmler Tumbler mediaTumbling machine is utilized when the interior of cylinders are rusted or oxidized as well as removing hydrocarbon deposits for oxygen cleaning. This machine rotates the cylinder at low speed allowing for the media to remove scale or rust.

Internal cleaning of cylinder requires tumbling with the correct media, glass beads for O2 cleaning, ceramic pellets for aluminum oxidation, and aluminum oxide media for rust removal.

Camera Scope
Digital Camera Scope: The internal inspection of cylinders is sometimes difficult to evaluate the extent of rust or oxidation; therefore we utilize a digital camera scope. This camera scope can photograph and video the interior for close up inspections. These images can be saved for repeated review and emailed to cylinder owner.

Hydrostatic Cylinder Re-qualifying

High pressure cylinders are federally regulated and must be inspected every five years by a DOT approved cylinder re-qualifier (hydro tester). ScubaTech is a DOT approved cylinder re-qualifier (hydro tester). We can test 3A, 3AA, 3AL and special permit scuba cylinders.

Hydrostatic Testing Machine
Tank DryerHydrostatic test are performed by filling cylinders with water and placing them in a well of water (water jacket). The cylinders are then pressurized to 5/3rds of fill pressure to measure the percentage of expansion, upon successful passing of test the cylinder are then stamped with the current month and year. At completion of test cylinder must be drained of water and dried with low pressure air. The drying process is important for the integrity of the cylinder’s interior. We utilize a low pressure blower for drying immediately after testing.

Visual Cylinder Inspector Certification Class

DOT/OSHA under CFR Title 49-172.700 the Federal Regulation requires HAZMAT training for any individuals involved in the hazards of High Pressure Compressed Air Filling Operations and the Visual Inspections re-qualification of scuba cylinders. DOT/OSHA official can visit your business and requests proof of training, not being able to provide proof of training can result in significantly high fines,

If you’re a scuba professional performing cylinder inspections you must be currently certified to do so. Certifications are valid for 3 years. Call ScubaTech (305.900.0855) for more details..



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