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Equipment Service Workshops

ScubaTech's Equipment Service Workshops are designed to expose you to the field of service and repair with hands-on experience. Learn the reason for the annual tank inspection, the five year hydro and the need for regulator service. Issues such as self-inflating BCDs, free-flowing second stages and leaking pressure gauges are just a few of the issues you will diagnose and repair.

Inspecting cylinders for neck cracks, pitting and oxidation, as well as disassembling and reassembling regulators will be a hands-on experience.

With our on-site water jacket hydro machine we are able to demonstrate a hydro test and analyze results.

You will also receive hands-on experience with Air Station Operations and Nitrox Blending.

Whether you are an instructor / candidate or a novice seeking a better understanding of how to service and maintain scuba equipment, our workshop will provide you with hands-on real life experience.

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Workshop Fees:
Cylinder Services 1-day Workshop: $249.99
Dates to be determined - call for arrangements!

Regulator Service 1-day Workshop: $249.99
Dates to be determined - call for arrangements!

Scuba Regulator Savvy by: Pete Wolfinger
Inspecting Cylinders by: William High

The Workshops are held at ScubaTech's facility located in Key Largo and MM 99.1 oceanside. Workshops may be taken as an individual class or may be taken back to back in two consecutrive days (see schedule above). Upon conclusion, participants will receive a "Certificate of Completion".

Optional Internship:

An internship is available for individuals who would like to further their experience. This internship is at no cost to the participant and is offered on a request basis.

The internship will expose you to working on real life work orders of our customers. Everyday will be a valuable experience which will only enhance your confidence.

PADI logoWe offer PADI Lifetime and International Certification. Our staff offers 28 years of experience having certified over 2,400 students.

PADI Scuba Certifications

Learn to dive with the Open Water Diver class. Lessons are offered in a group setting, privately or utilizing PADI eLearning where the academic portion is completed online at your own pace. Enhance your skills with continuing education in the Advanced Open Water Diver class. Call for more details.